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Boost Your Presence in Social Gatherings

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Have you ever seen that confident person in a room who seems to be having all the fun and attention from everyone? Don’t you wish to be just like him/her? Well, having a strong presence or “aura” is a good way to build respect and confidence with people. You will most certainly meet potential business partners, leads and etc. in social settings so it best to be well-prepared. Let these people know!

5 Ways to Boost Your Presence


Confidence is very attractive, because it sub-communicates professionalism and experience.

Naturally, confidence is attractive because we are attractive to people who are very grounded. Eliminate your insecurities and uncertainties by being unaffected by them. It is not too hard to gain the attribute if you know how confidence works.

There are two main ways to gain confidence: Externally and Internally
You can fake confidence until it becomes natural, or
You can practice being confident from the inside, which will eventually project your confidence externally.

Master confidence through constant practice and exposure.


Talk to Everyone

Being friendly lets people know you are sociably savy.

Be seen enjoying and being the center of attention in groups of people. People are social animals, and we can detect others right away if they are friendly or not. Being outgoing and friendliness sub-communicate safety and comfort because we instantly trust friendly people. More importantly, there is a huge difference between being creepy and friendly. Creepiness is basically the opposite of friendliness.

Be the life the party. Meet and Greet everyone with genuine enthusiasm.


Know Your Purpose

Knowing what you want to do in gatherings is a good way to let people know your purpose.

Make sure you are aware of what you want to tell people and know from them. If you are aware of you want to do in life and how you want to share them, you will never run out of things to say. Also, ask questions from other people so they can have a connection with you as well.

Know what you want from life.


Killer Appearance

People with good hygiene and style tend to be more approachable.

Believe it or not, these subtle things can make people notice you more. We all live busy lives so we forget to take care of our looks. Being high maintenance will pay off because it sub-communicates consistency and professionalism. Put a little effort in looking good!

Always look your best no matter what. You not know who you will meet


Interesting Voice

Your voice communicates a lot about your personality.

People tend to listen more to people who have attractive and assertive voices. Let’s be honest here. Would you listen to a wimpy voice, or a very interesting sounding voice? The latter, of course. People who sound good are aware of how they project their voices. Try to record yourself to see if you yourself like your voice. Look into voice training books or counseling if you have a weak or faint voice. Voice projection is important in communication. Besides, we all have room for improvement, don’t we?

Always look your best no matter what. You not know who you will meet


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