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College Survival Guide 101

How to survive college

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Most students transition from high school into college without really considering how different it is. We will give you the tips on how to survive college and the ways to make your experience more enjoyable.

6 College Tips For Beginners:


the best college tips

Write It Down

Taking proper and organized notes will save you the time and effort.

Always write down notes because you will forget if you rely on memory. One of the differences between high school and college is that many important deadlines are given verbally. There isn’t always a syllabus with the class schedule to guide you through when assignments are due. It is required to be attentive in class and always write down notes.

Write down everything from the final exam date to your teachers favorite Starbucks drink (you never know). This pro college tip will make sure you are aware of important deadlines and any other important pieces of information. You don’t want to walk into class just to find there was a 5 page essay due.

Save yourself the hassle, write it down.



Make Deadlines

Deadlines are taken seriously in college.

Your grades will suffer if you miss your deadlines. Being a college student, you are granted more responsibility. And with that you are expected to make deadlines without being babysat. No one is going to call your parents to let the know you aren’t attending class or your grades are suffering.  Your academic success is your responsibility and it starts with making deadlines.

Always stick to deadlines and plan how to complete it so you don’t rush everything last minute. Have deadlines within deadlines so you can specifically plan out how to finish the smaller tasks. Remember, college is all about time management.



how to survive college


You cannot get away without studying in college.

Maybe you were able to pass by in high school without studying. Well, you simply cannot do that in college. The coursework is very specific and demands intense studying. Never assume you can pass that exam without any effort and putting in the time to study. You want to know how to survive college? Just study. Really, it’s that simple. The library will become your new best friend.

You are paying for your education, take it serious.

college tips and college advice

Get Phone Numbers

We aren’t asking you to get phone numbers to ask people out.

Get your classmates’ phone numbers so you have someone you can ask for help. Ultimately, you want to make friends to help you study, do assignments, etc. You can also cover one another like taking lecture notes for one another in case someone cannot make it to class.

Get those digits.


how to survive college

Make New Friends

The most common problem in college is finding the right friends.

Your experience in college will be determined by the people you hang out with. It is up to you to choose who you let in your life.

Avoid people who flake.
-There is nothing worse than a person who makes plans just to bail last minute. Cut these people out quick!

Watch for liars.
-Some people are just habitual liars. They will lie over the biggest and the smallest things.

Takers and not givers
-Watch out for people who only take and not even try to give back. Dealing with people who are self-centered can be a pain.

Remember: You are the average of the 5 people you spend the most time with. Surround yourself with people who have something to offer. Your friends should have a positive effect on your life and be upbringing.

Your friends will make or break your college experience


college tips and college advice

Time Management

Prepare for the most responsibility in your life.

You will find that as soon as you start college, you are forced to balance multiple obligations. Start to plan ahead of time so you can make best use of your time.

Here is a list of obligations of a typical college student:

  • 12 units of classes per week
  • Hours of studying and homework outside of class time
  • Clubs and Organizations
  • Friends and Family
  • Girlfriends/Boyfriends
  • Parties
  • Hobbies
  • Sleep*  (aim for 8hrs.)
  • Exercise
  • Part-time Job
  • and whatever else you can think of

You will have to schedule your life down to the minute if you are going to try balance all these. I strongly recommend investing in a planner.

Life is about planning your future. You will get off the proper path if you are careless



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