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Investor’s Mindset

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Investing is the best action you can do to secure a bright future. Do not get discourage if your investments are not yielding results right away. They do take some time to yield value.

Plant, Cultivate, and Harvest your Investments.




Wealth greatly affects your lifestyle so try to accumulate as much wealth as you can.

Money does not grow overnight. Learn how you can build wealth by researching many investments. Be familiar with investing terms such as rate of return and diversification because you do not want to blindly buy every investment.

Typical Investments are:
Real Estate
Gold and Silver
Passive and Residual Income Investments
and etc.

Robert Kiyosaki illustrates the key aspects of the investor mindset in his book Rich Dad Poor Dad. Everything you need to know on how to grow your wealth is covered in this amazing book.

Some are tried and true while others require discoveries and innovation. Have fun choosing!



Your health is the most precious thing you have.

Do not sacrifice your health to achieve your goals. You will regret having wealth if you do not get to enjoy it with your bad health. Balance your life so you can still function normally. Setting some time for light to moderate exercises can help you prolong your life and have a good mood all the time. Also, watching your diet can immensely affect your health. Stick to food that are high in protein, and stay away from junk foods.

Save some time to exercise and carefully watch what you eat.



Having knowledge makes you wise.

You are able to pick better decisions if you have more knowledge about it. Never stop learning because life is a long journey of learning. Attend college or specialized schools to further fulfill your need of learning. The things you learn will be worth more than what your paid for your classes so do not hesitate to pay for them. Books are also the best ways to learn.

Read books and find mentors to gain wisdom.



Whether the relationship is platonic or romantic, We crave companionship from people.

Invest in high-quality people by carefully learning more about them through time. It is a wise choice to walk away from toxic people. There is no benefit from dealing with them because they are bad for your sanity and lifestyle. Always let them know your boundaries, and politely exit if possible, and know when to end a relationship with someone.
Signs of good friends:
•Cares about you
•Improves your life

Have some proper friends!



Unless there is a way to prevent aging, your time is very limited.

Always remember time is golden. Time is a currency in exchange of our services. We want resources like money to use them to hire other people’s services to save us the valuable time. Every time we work, we are giving our time in exchange for money. Always value your time so you can remove the irrelevant activities in your life.

Always analyze your activities to determine which ones will save you time and improve your lifestyle the most.





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