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New Year’s Resolutions List 2018

new years lists

The new year is coming up and we want to help you become the best you. Here are some resolutions to live up to.

New Year, New You

exercise for new year's


Start your New Years right.

Exercise is great for your well-being. It builds your physique while also boosting your morale. It is proven that exercise triggers the release of endorphins in the brain, causing you to be happier.

The problem with making exercise a resolution is people set too high of expectations and they give up when they don’t achieve them. Not all of us can be Arnold Schwarzenegger. Set a realistic goal with a step-by-step plan on how to achieve it. Then you will see better results.

Start your New Years right.


diet for new years

Stick to a Diet

Fix relationships with people you care about.

Choosing a healthy diet plan is a noble New Year’s resolution. The benefits are numerous: weight loss, immunity, overall health…

Throw out the junk food. It does nothing good for you. You wouldn’t fill up your Lamborghini with cheap, unfiltered gas. Neither should you fill yourself up with saturated fats, sodium, and added sugars.

You are what you eat.


read for new years

Boost Your Education

You never stop learning.

Life is a never ending learning process. You learn something everyday. Supplement your education with relevant books and other sources.

In this day and age, all information you’d need can be found on the internet. A Google/Youtube search can go a long way!

You know what I like a lot more than materialistic things? Knowledge.


make more money for new years

Up Your Wealth

Wealth is the money you keep, not spend.

There is a common misconception about wealth. Wealth is not how much money you make. I don’t care if you make $10,000, $100,000, or even $1,000,000. If you waste your hard earned money on extravagences you don’t need you are not wealthy.

Warren buffet, one of the wealthiest men on earth, lives a modest and frugal life. He eats at McDonalds everyday and still lives in the $31,500 house he bought in 1958. Perhaps a healthy diet would be good for his New Years list.

Look at money as workers. Put them to work and they’ll make you wealthy. Invest in the stock market or buy real estate properties. Don’t buy the new Rolex.

Commit to spend less on useless things.


stop procrastinating this new years

Stop Procrastinating

Nothing limits you more than saying tomorrow.

We’ve all heard the voice inside telling us “later”. Don’t listen! Plug your ears, tune out the noise, and just do it. I can list all the reasons to stop procrastinating, but only you can choose convince yourself to change your mindset. You’re only hurting yourself with this bad habit.

My only word of advice…JUST DO IT!


find a new hobby this new years

Find a New Passion

It’s never too late to start something new.

Whether you pick up a new hobby or volunteer more in your community, set out to start something new. Nothing beats the freshness and excitement you get when starting a new task.

Nobody likes to go through the motions and repeat the same cycle every year. Shake up your routine by adding a new passion. Learn to play the drums,  become a master chef, write a book, spend more time in nature…the list is endless.

Dare to do the things that make you happy. 


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New Year's Resolutions List 2018

Description: The new year is coming up and we want to help you become the best you. Here are some resolutions to live up to. New Year, ...

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