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Do Not Cheat!


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Cheating is all fun and games until you get caught. The punishment and embarrassment varies from the level of the cheating activity, but the results are typically not even worth committing the deed. The likelihood of getting caught gets higher as you do it more often so think carefully about it.
Physiological Reasons Why You Cheat:


The Wrong Lifestyle

You are in the wrong industry or field of practice.

If you love doing something, you would take the time to learn it. Some students cheat in their classes because they have no idea what they are even doing in their career path. Discover all your options to make sure they fit within your personality. More importantly, do not let other pick your major for you!

If there is no passion, there is no desire to learn.


Bad Choices and Habits

You have always cheated your entire life.

Somewhere along your life, you just wanted to try to cheat because you wanted the easy way out. You might have even been influenced by your peers, which made you adapt their bad habits into your own. Well, if you continue on, you will be in serious trouble. It is better to learn how to handle things the right and smart way than to always avoid them by relying into autopilot or habit.

Questionable habits and choices are NEVER good.


You cheat because you feel like the victim.

Helplessness is your excuse. Cheating has become a form of survival mechanism or an automatic response towards every action you do. Sooner or later your actions will catch up to without you even realizing it. Changing the bad habit may require vigilance to completely remove it.

Stop being the victim and be in control of your life.
Reasons Why You Should Not Cheat:


Not Meant for Everyone

You will run out of access sooner.

As a cheater, you always depend on your acquaintances, friends and families to have your back. Only people who are super rich and have clout can cheat life because they can demand “resources” or help at any time.

You most likely cannot buy to cheat your way out of everything.

Return Vs. Risks

It is not worth getting caught.

You may pass your classes, but you are facing serious consequences if you get caught. This applies to everything else. If you cheat your work, or the government, sooner or later, you will get in legal and financial troubles. Be smart by playing it safe.

The consequences are:
At School:
Tainted reputation
Failing the class
Getting Kicked Out
Revocation of Financial Aid
Low School Acceptance
Work and Other areas of life:
Disqualification for certain opportunities (job offers and business opportunities)
Ruined Reputation
Jail Time

Definitely not worth it!

Gateway Crime

Cheating is a petty act, but it may lead to bigger issues in the future.

Criminals commit crimes because they want to cheat the system, and they usually regret doing them after getting caught. Cheaters might even shift to much more illegal and immoral activities. Do not follow a pattern of bad choices.

Cheating and taking advantage of the system can lead to regrets in the future.

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