Enjoy the Party!

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Believe it or not, some people are clueless about having fun at parties. The only reason why some people do not party is because they do not know how to do it effectively. Get the most out of partying by following our tips.

Go Party Animal!


Go In Groups

Don’t look like a loser or desperate.

Going to a party just by yourself lets people know you have no friends. Have a group or a partner to go with you so you have people who always have your back and do fun things with at parties. Also, it is easier to open up and share with other people if you have social proof.

Find people to add in your party contacts.


Extremely Sociable

Being sociable will take you far in life, especially in partying.

People who break the ice are perceived as confident by everyone although you have to do it gracefully. You can learn how to do so by constantly practicing in social settings and parties. If you ever mess up, do not worry because you are most likely never ever going to meet them again.

Be a graceful social butterfly.


Be Interesting

The most interesting person in the world is you!

Interesting people are very attractive because they generate genuine interests. Learn how to communicate what you do and know in creative ways so you come off as interesting.

For Example:
You are an auto engineer who manages airbags. You can tell people your job saves millions of lives because you develop quality car airbags. See what i did there?

Storytelling will help you make the most boring situations sound like the best stories.


Bring Contributions

Pizza, drinks and other relevant things.

Bringing something to the party can definitely make you the “go-to” person for future parties, which means you are needed and invited all the time. You can bring stuff like food, booze, partying and DJ supplies. You can even bring specific people to cheer up the mood like famous and interesting people.

Bring something to have a better time.


Locations and Themes

Don’t be clueless about the party itself.

Put on some clothes related to the event so it looks like you blend in naturally or “in the know”. You are more likely to act confidently if you aware of what is going on in the party. Pro tip: Learn different dances so you can just bust some moves to different songs.

Look well prepared to party!


Host Parties

Host your own party like the movie “Project X”.

You get to set your own rules and terms when conducting it. It can be as exquisite and pretentious as it can be or it can get down and dirty. The main thing you would need to consider is the cost of operating and potential damages from the party. Calculate the costs to see if it is worth to have a talk of the town type of party!

You get to be the boss of the party, but do it at your own risk!

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